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Using your cat to hack your neighbors WI-FI “WarKitteh”

Article Title: How to Use Your Cat to Hack Your Neighbor’s Wi-Fi
Author: Andy Greenberg
Date: 8/8/14

WarKitteh Collar

 Skitzy photo by Gene Bransfield
Skitzy photo by Gene Bransfield

The author writes about a unique invention created by Gene Bransfield it is called the WarKitteh Collar. Recently Nancy’s cat named Coco took a trip around the Washington, DC area through neighbors backyards with

Gene’s new collar on and mapped out all of the surrounding WI-FI networks of their neighbors. The collar is made with a spark core loaded with Gene’s custom-coded firmware, a WI-FI card, a tiny GPS, and a battery which all fits into the cats collar and as he travels around the neighborhood he maps all the WI-FI networks he comes close to. I personally think this is really creative and Gene Bransfield was thinking outside the box for sure when he constructed this collar for his accomplice Coco.

As far as the WarKitteh goes I think it is a goofy yet useful invention and while it sounds like something silly it will certainly be something that will be trending in the hacker community. For the low price of $100 it is a nifty gadget to have as a hacker the device while being cheap is also compact and cannot really be seen by anyone since it fits inside the collar. I think this could be a one of a kind deal and we probably won’t see anything else like this come up in the future. It is a good idea but I think in the future they may come up with better methods of mapping WI-FI networks. I don’t see myself using this in the future because I have no need for it at the moment. In the future if I ever needed a secret way to map surrounding WI-FI networks then I will always think about the WarKitteh. I actually might want this just to play around with it and see what it can do. It could be fun to play around with and check out what’s popular with your neighbors WI-FI security such as WEP or a more modern WPA encryption.


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