Mike’s Harder Jamaican Lemonade Can Design


Hey guys this is a design I made for Mike’s harder Jamaican Lemonades new can. When designing this I did want to make it some extreme so I added a little bit of comedy into the way the can was drawn but I also wanted a sense of the Jamaican culture as well. I wanted to show what the Jamaican culture is all about so I did some research and wanted to symbolize the Jamaican drummer dude as a form of traditional value. As you know the Jamaican colors are known as red, yellow, and green so I wanted to get creative on some of the aspects on how to integrate it into the can. I used a grunge effect on the top of the can to give it a little bit of edge and towards the bottom I wanted to give it more of a mellow vibe. Jamaican culture is all about being happy, friendly, and most importantly the topical Jamaican parties. I wanted to make the can come alive by having a party right on the can while your drinking I wanted people to look at the can and see Jamaica and I feel I did just that with this can design.

And of course you need to tribute to the Jamaican culture so I drew the Jamaican flag up and added it to the top of the can to give it that essence of Jamaica.

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Jamaican Lemonade
Rastanerd Can Design

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