Massive Online Brain For Robots?

Article title: The Plan To Build A Massive Online Brain For All The World’s Robots
Author: Daniela Hernandez
Date: 8/25/14

Massive Online Brain For Robots?

In this article the author talks about an idea called the robo-brain project. This concept was popularize by a worker at Google James Kuffner in

Connecting all robots to one giant Robo-Brain
Connecting all robots to one giant Robo-Brain

2010 who had the idea of the self-driving car. The idea behind robo-brain is to create a cloud-based core for every robot to connect to in order to function. All the robots will be controlled by one “brain” and will all pull information from the same sources much like we use google to gather information.

One issue that has surfaced with this new project is memory and bandwidth problems which are caused because much like human’s robots are “multi-modal systems” and have to constantly pull information from multiple database. In this case all the robots would be flooding the databases to gather information which could be an issue with connecting all the robots into one massive online brain.

This could be the start of something revolutionary in the robotics field and while their are companies working on similar projects like this one none have this idea. The idea of combining all brains of the robots together on a cloud server would be a long shot but could open doors for many advancements in robotics. I think this is really cool but I wouldn’t have a  use of this technology since I don’t have knowledge of robotics.


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