Lix 3D Pens Introduces New Ways To Design

Changing The Way We Create

A while back ago you may have heard news about the start of a Kickstarter project called The Smallest 3D Printing Pen in the World created by a company called Lix who wanted to create the smallest known 3d pen that allows you to doodle your creations

3d pen
Endless Possibilities with Lix’s 3D Pen

in the air. The lix pen uses plastic which is cooled once it exits the pen to sustain it’s shape allowing you to draw in the air without paper.

The Lix pen has gotten much attention from designers everywhere and their Kickstarter Project has well exceeded their goals of $30,000 and has raised $731,690 as of right now.  You can pre-order the Lix 3D pen from their website and there are two choices you will see the Lix 3D pen for $139.95 or the Lix 3D ball pen $59.95. Their is no release date but I assume it will be soon since they are taking pre-orders of the products.

This pen is going to change how artist create and is going to open up more possibilities then ever before. Artists will see their creations come to life and allow the artist to draw in 3D easier than ever.


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