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Using Fonts


When building a website their are many different aspects to focus on but a lot of us still use default fonts such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, or even Arial. It’s fine to use these fonts on your website but understand that fonts will help create an image for your website and the kind of font used will say a lot about your website when a user enters the website. While it’s okay to use standard fonts for your paragraphs or main content of your website you may want to use a custom font on your logo or the header of your website. You want to the first thing a user sees to have a big impact on the way the user generates the image of your company. If you are going to use a custom font on your site make sure that it is free to use and has a royalty free license for personal & commercial use.


Free Fonts

Google fonts are optimized for your website.

It is important to find fonts that are free for personal & commercial uses while still being stylish for your websites and google offers a great font library called google fonts where all the fonts on their are open source free fonts for personal and commercial uses. Depending on your websites style you will be able to find the perfect font to use. Google fonts not only lets you preview the font but it also lets you gather performance reports on how the fonts will affect your website. The more fonts you use on your

website the slower your website will load remember to limit the amount of fonts you use on one website.

Here are some fonts to try out

all of the fonts on google fonts can be used by referencing the style-sheet hosted by google. You can also import it into your CSS or Javascript by clicking “quick use” near the add to collection button and when visiting that page you’ll see something like this.

Picture 12

 Yanone Kaffeesatz

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Picture 5





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Picture 6




Shadows Into Light

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Picture 7





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Picture 8





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Picture 9






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