bruteforce password

Brute Force Password Protected Rar File

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to break into a password protected .rar file using the brute forcer crark which will recover the password of the rar file.

First you need to download the software Crark which we will be using in this tutorial.

Once you have downloaded the software we can begin.

Once you have downloaded the program you should have a folder like this.


Now what we want to do is bring our .rar file into this folder and for this tutorial we will use vj.rar.

import file

Next we are going to run command prompt as administrator. Search for command prompt and right click it and you will see run as administrator which is what you want to do.


Once in command prompt you should navigate to the path of the folder in command prompt. Ours is in our downloads folder so I would put cd C:\Users\George\Downloads\crark51\. Replace the user with your username on your computer and the path to the path of your crark folder.

navigate to path

Once we are in the folder we want to initiate crark to do what it does best… and we are gonna type crark vj.rar since that’s the name of our file.

The password will display after it is done searching for the password, depending on the complexity of the password the process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days.

The password will be displayed like this password – CRC OK


From the picture above the password was clg and the program has done it’s job. Congratulations you are now able to get a password from a locked rar file.

It is fairly a simple process but don’t get discouraged if it is taking a very long time because the more complex the password the longer it will take. I recommend not using this brute forcing technique if the password is suspected to be longer then 7 characters.

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