What do you look for?

Best Programs To Use When Coding

What do we look for?

What is most important in an editor.


When we are looking for a coding program everyone looks for one that is comfortable for them. Coding programs can adapt to a coders personality and make looking over the mountains of code not so bad after all. A few things I like to look for is which program offers the best features, which one is the most comfortable to work in, and which coding programs are most convenient to use. Now many of you coders out their may use notepad ++ which is alright for all of us coders out there but there are many options to explore. Today we will take a look at some of the programs that you can use to make coding easier and less of a hassle.  We are going to break the programs into two sections one for Mac and one for PC.


Best Coding programs

1. Sublime Text 2 (PC)

Sublime text 2 is a great alternative to notpad++ and has many of the great features of notepad ++ with a better look (opinion) so what can this editor do? It can do pretty much everything that notepad ++ does with a better look and a

Sublime Text 2 in action
Sublime Text 2 in action

smoother interface. It also auto opens the last files you worked on in the program just like notepad ++. This is just a nice looking alternative to notepad ++ with many of the same features and it is one of my favorites to work in.

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2. Adobe Dreamweaver (Mac or PC)

Many of you may not give Dreamweaver a change at first but that will all change when you see what it can do for you. Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG editor which means what you see is what you get and it allows you to create the design of a website a generate the code based off elements you create on the design tab. Adobe Dreamweaver is very helpful in content

Dreamweaver CS6 in action
Dreamweaver CS6 in action

management and can help you update a website easily using FTP connection. Dreamweaver allows you to import a site using FTP accounts and synchronize your live site with your local files. You can add databases into the mix and connect your databases to Dreamweaver which will allow you to generate specific codes from your database and allow you to easily use your database to create amazing new ideas come to life. Adobe Dreamweaver has the best features when it comes to programming and has a lot of features to make your life a whole lot easier when developing for your website. I would highly recommend this program to be used if you plan to work in PHP or SQL database since it has features that easily let you manage your database and synchronize your data quickly with your live site.


3. Adobe Edge Code CC (MAC or PC)

Simply stated Edge Code CC is mainly a lightweight version of Dreamweaver. This program allows you to see a live preview of your site as you are writing the code and has some pretty neat features for a lightweight editor.


Adobe Edge Code in action
Adobe Edge Code in action
  • Built atop Brackets, an open source code editor
  • In-context code editing
  • Code hinting for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  • Integrated visual tools for color editing
  • Expand editing with Edge Inspect, PhoneGap Build, Edge Web Fonts and Kuler
  • Over 50 community extensions
  • HTML live development, including live preview
  • Create new selector – allows adding new rules to CSS
  • Preview images within the editor
  • CSS Bezier Timing Editor
  • Multiple Cursor Support – allows for edits in more than one place at once
  • CSS Shapes Editor extension
  • Improved file search and replace

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 4. Text Wrangler (MAC)

Text Wrangler in action
Text Wrangler and BB Edit in action

This is basically a mac version of notepad++ and is free to download lightweight editor with some minimum features. It is honestly hard to find a good editor for MAC but this one beats working in text edit. It also has a better version called BB Edit with much more features.

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5. BB Edit (MAC)

This is an upgrade from Text Wrangler and will allow you to see a live preview of what is happening when you’re coding. This program comes in handy and is one of the best coding programs for mac.

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The Best Overall Program

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is the best program to use for coding and has lots of features to help you out in development of your websites or other projects. Dreamweaver is for Mac and PC and is the greatest program you can use down the road for editing at the moment. There are two different program types Adobe Dreamweaver CC or Dreamweaver CS6 and of the two I would recommend getting CS6 if you are going to work in database and PHP since in Adobe Dreamweaver CC they took out the database feature and you have to install an extension for it in order to get that back.

Get Dreamweaver CC

Get Dreamweaver CS6 

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