A Wristband That Can Regulate Body Temperatures

Article title: MIT Wristband Could Make AC Obsolete 
Author: Kyle Vanhemert
Date: 8/25/14

Introducing Wristify

Wristify, as they call it is a device that can regulate temperature in a room for a specific person subjecting a persons skin to alternating pulses of hot and cold  to balance the overall temperature of the body. It is said that in

Wristify Climate Controlling Device Prototype
Wristify Climate Controlling Device Prototype

the US 87% of people use AC compared to just 11% of people using AC in Brazil. Wristify is like your own personal air conditioner wearable on your wrist to keep you cool. Currently the team working on Wristify says they have built the prototype with less then $50 worth of parts. Ac also consumes a lot of electricity where as the Wristify will significantly reduce energy consumption and may solve our energy crisis. Shames a member of the Wristify team said “Why cool the building when you can cool the person?”  and Shames has a point why should we cool the whole room if we can cool people individually. I do see a problem with this plan though and that is what if we don’t have enough devices to go around and the schools and stores, etc. stop using AC and if there are still people without the Wristify device they would be uncomfortable, I guess that’s just another reason to buy the device. This could be a big help with elderly citizens not being exposed to extremely hot weather which could be fatal and could reduce the amount of heat strokes we see.  If this device is a cheaper and cleaner alternative to air conditioning I could definitely see the Wristify being used all over the world. I would want to buy one of these if they were released on the market since my AC breaks a lot during the summer and is unreliable.


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