A New Gadget To Ensure Sanitation In Hospitals

Article title: A Gadget Designed to Finally Make Doctors Wash Their Hands Enough
Author: Margaret Rhodes
Date: 8/22/14

A New Gadget To Ensure Sanitation In Hospitals

The Biovigal is a new device in the medical field that will help improve sanitation among the medical staff. Sanitation has been a pretty big issue in hospitals because of all the different diseases and bacteria in the area and


doctors don’t always make time to wash their hands thoroughly enough. According to the center of disease control 75,000 patients died last year due to healthcare-associated  infections in hospitals across the united states. This is preventable by the Biovigal as it scans the hand for certain chemicals and bacteria levels and after the doctor leaves the room the sensor can tell when the doctor doesn’t wash his hands and the Biovigal will display the sanitation level of the doctors hands for everyone to see in color codes of red for if they completely ignore the device, yellow for unsanitary, and green for sanitary. Everyone understands the traffic light system as it is simple to determine bad from good and is universally known.

This sanitary device can save the hospital $30 billion dollars a year by keeping the hospital clean and reducing the infections among patients in the hospital.  I think devices like this will catch on and we are likely to see more of them arise as it’s important to keep hospitals sanitary because it not only saves money but it saves lives. I don’t think I would find this device useful for everyday purposes but if you work in the medical field hospitals should enforce using this.


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