A Must Have App to Make Your Instagram Photos Fun

Article title: An App That Turns Your Instagrams Into Sci-Fi Landscapes
Author: Margaret Rhodes
Date: 8/22/14

A Must Have App to Make Your Instagram Photos Better


This new app that not many people know about can make any Instagram photo into a work of art. The app is called “Matter” and this amazing app uses CGI effects to add in something different from filters to make your photos

User interface of the matter app.
User interface of the matter app.

unique. This app changes how the whole photo is looked at by adding in objects to make your picture strange or obscure. The app has four different model packs that you can choose from and from the packs you can insert different shapes, objects, or even create an animation. The app is currently priced at $1.99 on the app store and for the software provided I would say is a good deal.

Instagram sometimes gets old seeing the same old photos but the cool thing about Matter is you can embed strange objects into your picture and you can make people really think about what it is. I haven’t seen an app that does this yet and I think that it is very unique but the one thing that I would change is the price of the app. $1.99 seems a tad excessive even though the software offered is amazing I think they should change the price to $0.99 and people might download the app more which would lead to exposure and more profit in the long run.

Matters shadowing.
Matters shadowing.

I think we will see more apps similar to this but not the same in the future and I hope to see other creative apps to help in the process of making interesting  pictures.  I just want to say that I am thinking about buying this app just because of what it can do and I sort of want to play around with the masking features integrated into the software. It would be cool to make some Sci-Fi Landscape photos and I feel I would use it often to edit my photos.


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